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If you want to give one of our artisan nougat bars, tell us where and we will send it on your behalf. If you want for you. a piece of high quality artisan nougat, you will not have to carry the entire bar. Unless they want to repeat, in which case you can always come back for more ...

All our nougats are suitable for celiacs and we have vegan options.

Dulces y pasteles


You may be passionate about marzipan figurines or lose your head for yolk cakes. In that case you have reached the right page. But it would also be normal for you to prefer to try different things, and if that is the case, you can now choose from our sweets and cakes that correspond to your sweet tooth.

Some of our sweets and cakes are suitable for vegans.

Fruta confitada


At Turrones Galiana, through our supplier, we buy fresh fruit: we go to the field, see the fruit, its degree of maturity and when it is time, we harvest. The fruit passes through the cooperative in the area, where it is calibrated by size and the unsuitable (broken and rotten) is detracted and then arrives at our facilities, where we do a second calibration and destruction. This is how we guarantee that our candied fruit maintains quality.

Our candied fruit is suitable for vegans

Cajas de Navidad


Twelve unique combinations of the Christmas magic of Turrones Galiana. From the cheapest to the most luxurious, our Christmas boxes are an ideal gift to light up the Christmas table.