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Amparo Conde Gamazo, artista y poetisa

Amparo Conde Gamazo, artist and poet

Our great friend Amparo Conde Gamazo, artist and poet, has passed through the Galiana Nougats . Normally our friends leave with hands full of our Christmas delicacies, but in Amparo's case it has been the other way around, she has brought us samples of her art that have illuminated us on the rainy day. He has given us 2 personalized drawings about Galiana Turrones, and two books of his poems. We share all those gifts with you in this article, but first of all, Amparo tells its own story (from “ Friends of Portugal ”Blogspot).

I was born in 1927. in Guadalajara, a then small provincial capital, quiet and profusely wooded, with unforgettable parks for the girl that was me, sensitive and in love with my land. I was lucky to belong to a large family and, being the youngest of eight siblings, it can be said that in addition to my mother, I had my sisters as teachers, who taught me to read and write from the age of four ... I think that my passion since then was reading. A book for me, it was like entering a magical and shocking world. I was even delighted by the smell of its pages. Perhaps because of that love of books, I write and also because one of my sisters, the one I loved the most, drew and wrote ... She died when I was very young, and perhaps I have always tried, unconsciously, to look like her. Since I was little, I have been in love with the fine arts, trying to cover them without studying any in depth, drawing, painting, playing the piano, but of all of them I have only been left with the special call of poetry and, in it I have been sailing since I was 14 years or so…. I have written countless poems, with which I could almost paper the house, collected in booklets, some published, which I am incorporating on the Internet, in the Blog WORDS FROM THE AIR .

We present you a gallery dedicated to Amparo Conde Gamazo , with his two personalized drawings, two covers of his poetry books and with a poem that we liked a lot and that cannot be missing from this collection (one click to open):

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