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galiana jingle

The Anglo-Saxon term " jingle ”Names a specific type of radio advertisement. Jingles are used to identify a specific brand, slogan and format. It is translated into Spanish as an "advertising spot". The first radio jingle was created in the mid-1920s when commercial radio first hit the airwaves in the United States. It was for a breakfast cereal called Wheaties .

A good radio jingle tends to linger in the ears of listeners, and thus can give the advertiser an advantage in a competitive market. At Turrones Galiana we trust Paco Nadal to create ours. Paco Nadal is a Valencian journalist, known for his work as a presenter for RTVV. He is one of the most veteran and popular presenters in the field of Valencian Radio-television. At the moment in the local chain "La Ocho" he conducts the program "Estil Mediterrani".

We hope you like it: (press the triangle "play"):


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