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María Castro en Turrones Galiana

María Castro in Galiana Nougat

Our clients already know that Galiana Nougat shop it is next to one of the most important theaters in the Valencian Community, Olympia Theater . Thanks to that fact, and the popularity of our Christmas nougats and sweets, we often have visits from the “neighbors” who present their works in Olympia. This has been the case with María Castro, who has visited us and who has left the stores with a bag full of the delicacies of Turrones Galiana. María Castro was premiering the play “Dos más dos” in Valencia, from November 30 to December 10. Naturally, we have taken the opportunity to chat with one of our favorite actresses and take a picture.

María Castro Jato (Vigo, Pontevedra; November 30, 1981) is an actress, television presenter, dancer and former Spanish rhythmic gymnast.


After being the most watched film in Argentina in 2012, the comedy Dos más dos arrives at the theater under the direction of David Serrano and Maite Pérez. Adrián and Julieta and Tomás and Silvia are two pairs of friends who seem happy with their respective lives. The former are married and have a teenage son, while the latter enjoy their freedom without marriage or children involved. During a night of celebration, Tomás and Silvia propose to Adrián and Julieta an exchange of couples. They practice it assiduously to maintain the spark of passion, something that Adrián and Julieta seem to have lost. Determined, Julieta tries to convince her husband with the help of her friends, but what they don't know is that their game will have consequences. Starring Miren Ibarguren, Daniel Guzmán, María Castro and Álex Barahona .

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