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Polvorones de Almendra de Turrones Galiana, en nuestro escaparate

Galiana Nougat Almond Polvorones, in our showcase

Is there a more Christmas feeling than opening a almond polvorón , squash it and mold it with the palm of your hand and eat it? On Galiana Nougats We know not, and that is why we strive to offer you the highest quality artisan polvorones possible.

Let's start by explaining the reason for its name. This symbol of Christmas in Spain is called polvorón because when you add the flour it seems that there is dust on top of the sweet and also because it dissolves into powder when you eat it. In fact, the etymology of the word polvorón It comes from gunpowder, particles to which a solid thing is reduced.


Polvorón de Almendra de Turrones Galiana

Galiana Nougat Almond Polvorón

The polvorón is included within the mantecados, but what distinguishes it from the rest of the mantecados is that in addition to the characteristic ingredients of the mantecados, the polvorón always has ground almonds in different proportions, according to its category (extra, supreme, etc. ). Polvorones de Turrones Galiana carry the unusual 29% almond . Naturally, as you already know, the only variety of almonds that we use in Galiana Turrones is the queen of almonds, the Marcona . With which, almond polvorones are a special type of ice cream that has almonds in its composition. The rest of the ingredients are flour, sugar and butter.

Likewise, the almond polvorón has a more elongated, oval shape than the mantecados and is usually covered with powdered sugar or icing sugar, and sometimes cinnamon.

Polvorón de Almendra de Turrones Galiana

Galiana Nougat Almond Polvorón

The polvorón de almendra is a typical product of Christmas pastries in Spain. Like those made in Jijona (in the Valencian Community), quality polvorones are made in Andalusia (in Sanlucar de Barrameda ), Castilla y León, and Navarra (where you eat throughout the year).

Polvorón is generally served on a plate accompanied by pieces of nougat and dragees. Can find almond polvorón on our online store , or in our store on the c / Garrigues number 1 (46001 Valencia) .

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