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A Marzipan quality is probably what the youngest of each family prefer to see at the Christmas table. And many of us who are not so young ... We reveal seven curious facts about this Christmas delicacy.

Marzipan in 7 unusual facts.

Nuestras Figuritas de Mazapán artesanas

Our artisan Marzipan Figurines

1. There are four names of this wonder considered the most famous in the world, two in Spain (marzipan from Toledo, in the province of Toledo, and marzipan from Soto, in La Rioja) and two in Germany (Lübecker and Königsberger).

two. Its origin has not yet been established. What we know for sure is that the Arabs introduced them, but they are not the inventors of this sweet. The most widespread theory is its origin Persian .

3. For the first time we find a reference to marzipan in the Thousand and One Nights (which proves its Persian origin) where appointments are given on the delicacy to be able to support the fasts of Ramadan or as an aphrodisiac to be able to face the conjugal debts of satisfactory way. Ruperto de Nola speaks of marzipan as an ideal food for mourners who lose their eating, its preparation included unmade chicken breast mixed with almonds and sugar, so we suppose that this must be the food that was prescribed to the sick in the primitive institution of the Hospital of Santiago de Toledo.

Four. Nor is the origin of the word known " Marzipan ". Some sources indicate that the name of the sweet comes from the Iberian Peninsula, from the Latin martius pinis (March bread).

5. The proportion of almonds and sugar, its main ingredients, is not constant in all marzipan, but depends on the recipe and the place.

6. In Latin America we can also find a variant of marzipan (made with peanuts), but with a slightly drier and more delicate texture.

7. At Galiana Turrones we make it by hand. It is enough just to try it so that the difference in quality that separates us from all those who produce it with the help of machinery is obvious. You can buy our marzipan at 1Kg box and in box of 500 Gr .

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