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Limón confitado a cuartos de Turrones Galiana

Lemon confit to quarters of Galiana Nougats

One of the most requested products in our store is Candied Lemon, both lemon confit quartered What whole candied lemon . Our clients when choosing their favorite candied citrus usually share their tastes between candied lemons and our already famous ones. Candied orange , that we also have them whole and fourth.

Our friends, the artisans of Frutas Colomina choose to preserve only those specimens of lemons that seem heavy for their size, with a smooth, firm, bright skin and an intense yellow color.


The lemon tree is produced in temperate climates and is currently cultivated in all tropical and subtropical regions of the world, especially in Italy, Spain, Portugal and the United States. The plant traveled from the Middle East to Spain and North Africa during the Middle Ages.


Limón entero confitado de Turrones Galiana

Confit whole lemon from Galiana Nougat

Its major component is water. They are the fruits with the lowest caloric value, although it must be taken into account that they are not consumed as fresh fruit but only their juice. Its content in vitamin C, citric acid and substances with astringent action stands out. The most abundant mineral is potassium. The vitamin C it intervenes in the formation of collagen, bones and teeth, red blood cells and favors the absorption of iron from food and resistance to infections. Citric acid has a disinfecting action and enhances the action of vitamin C. Potassium is necessary for the transmission and generation of the nerve impulse, for normal muscular activity and it intervenes in the water balance inside and outside the cell.

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