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Pan de Cádiz de Turrones Galiana

Galiana Nougat Cadiz Bread

Our bread from Cádiz It is one of our most requested products by our older customers. It is further proof that there is no substitute for life experience. Our senior clients know very well what is really good. But, we understand that many of the youngest will need an explanation about this product, which is hidden behind its mysterious name.

What is the Bread of Cádiz?

Normally it is a marzipan candy filled with pieces of fruit and angel hair with a special shape that reminds a chest. But in Galiana Nougats we have eliminated candied fruit and angel hair; all at the proposal of our clients over the years, leaving only the superimposed layers of yolk, marzipan and sweet potato, all covered with marzipan. In this way we have achieved a superior product in quality .

More curiosities about Pan de Cádiz

What is the origin of the Bread of Cádiz?

Its origin is attributed to the French invasion that, at the beginning of the 19th century, left Cadiz under siege for a long period of time , which forced its inhabitants to use the almond stored in customs destined for overseas colonies, as a product that, ground, kneaded and cooked, served to accompany meals as a substitute for "bread".

Nuestro Pan de Cádiz cortado

Our sliced bread from Cádiz

Who consecrated him?

Formerly it was known by the name: " Nougat from Cádiz ". Its current name received the definitive boost, back in the 1950s, by the prestigious pastry chef, established at that time in this city, Mr. Antonio Valls Garrido, who gave it its current identity.

Why is it called that?

It is usually typical to make it with egg yolk and candied sweet potato, which is then baked. This baking operation is what gives it the name of bread. In Turrones A. Galiana this process is handmade.

Is it a coincidence that it looks like fruit nougat?

The so-called fruit nougat is also a variant of Cádiz bread.

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