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David Wolverton en Turrones Galiana

Our Pepa and David Wolverton

Our loyal client and friend David Wolverton, from Arlee, Montana, USA; has come to visit Galiana Nougats , like every year on these dates. David makes the annual trip to our city from the remote Montana state to buy us about 20 roasted yolk nougat pills. That passion for one of our flagship products ended in a curious anecdote several years ago: the American Customs forced him to remove all the packaging from the pills to make sure he was not trying to smuggle any illicit substance. Well, since then Mr. David Wolverton has taken the nougat unwrapped, so that the US Customs can clearly see what he is carrying.

Many of our clients have told us that our fabric bags are very resistant and are very useful for all types of purchases, so it is not unusual to see our logo printed on bags that Valencians carry in stores and shopping centers in our city. . It turns out that Valencia is not the only city that boasts of our bags. We always give David Wolverton several cloth bags with our logo, and he tells us that in his city Arlee , since people use them all year round.

Reducción de cereza de Fat Robin Orchard & Farm

Fat Robin Orchard & Farm Cherry Reduction

Nor are we left with empty hands, since he always brings us some artisan product from his farm " Fat Robin Orchard & Farm ”Where it produces sweet artisan cherries, its own honey and fruits. This year he has given us his cherry reduction, which is the pure essence of cherries and apples from his own production. His home garden has been around in one form or another since the 1930s, and has been certified organic since 2000.

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