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Envío gratuíto para pedidos en valencia ciudad, Benimamet y Benimaclet

Fruta confitada de Turrones Galiana triunfa en ToulouseOn Galiana Nougats We believe that our clients are our best allies. Our dear friend and client Ana owns the best grocery store and products of Spanish origin in Toulouse, France. He has asked us for candied fruit from Turrones Galiana for his shop and the success our artisan candied fruit has had in Toulouse has been spectacular. We think it would be best to quote Ana's own words:

"I have already received the candied fruits, they are of category, I have given them to try to several shops in the neighborhood and they have told me they have never tried nothing as good (in candied fruit). "

Your store " Grocery Ana - Epicerie Espagnole ”Is at 47 Grande Rue Nazareth, in Toulouse. You can contact Ana Laura Nuñez Martinez on the phone +33 9 81 95 77 65 , or via email to “ ”. For our part we recommend it, if you are in the vicinity of the " Ciutat Mondina ”(Toulouse is also named like that, in Occitan, in reference to the dynasty of the Counts of the city called Raymond for the most part).


Of course, they can buy our candied fruit on our online store , or in our store on the c / Garrigues number 1 (46001 Valencia) .

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