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Amando Galiana - Entrevista en Radio CV Valencia, 20-11-2017, Cafe de Tarde

The owner of Galiana Nougats , Amando Galiana, visited the program “ Afternoon coffee ”From our local radio Radio CV Valencia (" The radio café, to liven up your evenings with Manolo Márquez “) On Tuesday 11-20-2017. The interview has been pleasant, friendly and meticulously detailed. Amando spoke of the artisan process of making our nougats, the famous Christmas queues to buy our Christmas products, some anecdotes with our clients and much more ...

CVRadio is an FM station promoted by the company Radio CV Innovaciones en Comunicación SL, a company founded by Paco Lloret, Vicente Quintana, Ricardo Sáez and Javier Peris, which has been joined by numerous Valencian professionals and businessmen. CVRadio is, therefore, a plural means of communication, which aspires to honestly reflect the richness and complexity of Valencian society.

We offer you the full interview (press the triangle "play"):

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