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El cartel "vintage" de Turrones Galiana

"Vintage" is the term used to refer to objects of a certain age, which cannot yet be classified as antiques, and which, like good wines, are considered to have improved or revalued over time. In Turrones Galiana we have an authentic “vintage” hoya, our poster that we have recovered and that celebrates 60 years of Turrones Galiana… we fulfilled them in 1950! That's right, about 60 years ago we put out a poster for those very modern times, since at that time we celebrated our fiftieth anniversary. Already established in Valencia in the sixties, our store in the c / San Vicente Mártír, nº 45 , was beginning to become the symbol of Christmas in our city.

We currently assume the mission of faithfully preserving the path and traditions established by its predecessors since 1884, and a test of fulfilling the mission has been to recover that poster and put it back in our store. However, we have improved it by adding a 3-dimensional touch, giving the focal objects some depth and thus creating raised shadows.

You can admire it in the following photos of our store in the c / San Vicente Mártír, nº 45 :

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