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Famoso chef coreano Lee Won-il en la tienda de Turrones Galiana

In the shop of Galiana Nougats ( c / Garrigues number 1: 46001 Valencia ) we have had an internationally renowned visit. We live in the days of famous television chefs, who have gained global popularity with their series that mix the usual way of teaching recipes in front of the camera with travel and fun. Some of the most famous belong to the Anglo-Saxon world, as recently deceased Anthony Burdain , or the english Jamie Oliver Y Rick stein . Even our own Jose Andres has become a world star. But in Asia, stars of the culinary world are also born; and one of the biggest is the Korean celebrity chef Lee Won-il . We have welcomed your visit with joy and pride, and of course you have left with bags full of our Christmas delicacies. In the photo on the right you can see him with his famous smile, his brand, which he also displays in the photo in front of his bakery in Seoul. In addition, he has recorded a video with his collaborator in our store, presenting our products to his Korean public. He has promised to send us that video once it is mounted and published, and when we have it we will share it with you

Dear Bread

Lee Won-il is a South Korean chef and television personality. He specializes in Korean cuisine and is a regular on popular Korean TV shows. Please take care of my fridge ”And“ Kitchen Representative, ”and frequently appears on other television shows. Chef Lee is very popular in Korea for his culinary skills and his ability with words. Special and unique to "Please Take Care of My Fridge" is the fact that it introduces easy-to-follow but tasty dishes with common ingredients that are generally used in private households in no time. The artists' refrigerators are open to the public. Cooks can use any ingredient in the refrigerator. With a limited amount of time, the best chefs make their own special dishes, which is quite fascinating. He currently operates a Korean restaurant and bakery (“Dear Bread”) famous for its breads and desserts. He is also in charge of the menus for IKEA Korean.

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