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La artesanía de Turrones Galiana, diciembre 2018

Today we bring you a newly made video. In this video from the beginning of December 2018 you can appreciate the artisan process of creating our nougat (toasted egg yolk nougat in the image on the right) and Christmas sweets, in Jijona , cradle of products to sweeten our Christmas tables.

Year after year we never tire of recording and documenting the manufacture of our Christmas sweets, to show once again that, in our case, the "artisans" thing is sincerely stated.

As always, you can find all the delicacies you see in this video both in our store at c / Garrigues nº 1, 46001 Valencia; like in our online store .

Here is the second part of the video of our trip to Jijona, where our artisans manually prepare our nougat and Christmas sweets:

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