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Turron de Alicante de Turrones Galiana

Galiana Nougat Alicante Nougat

The provenance of Alicante nougat It is no mystery, since the very name of this great classic of nougat reveals its origin. True to tradition in Galiana Nougats We do it in Jijona, the very epicenter of the Spanish Christmas candy industry. Of course, our Alicante Nougat are pure crafts, we do not want to know anything about industrial methods, nor do we want to save time and costs by resorting to these. Nor do we spare any effort to offer our customers products made of the highest quality raw material, which in the case of Turrón de Alicante is of paramount importance, as you will see below.

The main ingredient of a Nougat from Alicante is whole almonds, lightly toasted. To comply with the regulations of the Regulatory Council of Jijona and Nougat of Alicante In charge of the Denomination of Origin, Turrón de Alicante must contain at least 60% almond:

"That the raw materials used are those included in Regulation 04/23/96 (BOE), article 11, that is, pure bee honey at least 10%, which must be the minimum percentage of almonds in the nougat covered by 64 % for Jijona and 60% for Alicante as well as the elaboration methods used that must follow the guidelines established in the Regulation ”.

Our artisan Alicante nougat

Turron de Alicante de Turrones Galiana: sello del  Consejo Regulador de Jijona y Turrón de Alicante

Turron de Alicante de Nougat Galiana: seal of the Regulatory Council of Jijona and Nougat of Alicante

We take care that all our Alicante nougats have AT LEAST that percentage of almond. And speaking of almond, not of any variety, but exclusively of the queen of almonds, the Marcona . This high percentage of almonds gives it its solid texture, which is why we sometimes refer to an Alicante nougat as “hard nougat”.

Another important ingredient in a Alicante Nougat is honey. In Turrones Galiana we only use high quality orange blossom honey, because only with 100% pure orange blossom honey we give that point of flavor so characteristic that distinguishes us. Again we do not skimp on expenses, we obtain honey exclusively from trusted beekeepers in the province of Alicante.

The almonds are roasted in rotating drums called roasters. When it reaches its toasting point, diluted egg white is added as a bleach to achieve the so-called “ball point”. The honey is heated and added to the toasted almonds, stirring the mixture with paddles.

To preserve a Nougat from Alicante, it is best to keep it in a dry and closed place, otherwise we run the risk that the wafers will reappear.

You can buy our artisan Alicante nougat on our online store , or in our store on the c / Garrigues number 1 (46001 Valencia) .

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