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Nueces y Yemas fondant de Turrones Galiana

Nuts and Fondant Yolks by Turrones Galiana

The spectacular nuts and fondant yolks come every Christmas season to the store Galiana nougats. Hidden behind its spectacular flavor is a story of family growth and love for the art of artisan pastry.

The great master of Christmas pastry, and our greatest friend José Galiana, lost the toughest fight of his life and died of cancer 3 years ago. At that point both his life-long business and the proverbial quality of his products were threatened by uncertainty. Fortunately in the Valencian Community traditional gastronomic culture extends from father to son, in this case to daughters. Well, his three daughters decided to take over and continue with the tradition without making any compromises with quality and they got the business going. Thanks to his enormous effort, our customers continue to enjoy fondant nuts and fondant buds of the highest quality whose unique flavor point, highly demanded by all who have tried it, has become an essential of their Christmas tables.

How we make our Nuts and Fondant Yolks

Making quality fondant nuts and fondant buds requires knowledge, craftsmanship, and extreme care. The basic ingredients are the egg yolk, sugar and nuts. The yolks along with the nuts are bathed in fondant, a very delicate process that requires a lot of experience, and then they are baked, resulting in these exquisite sweets.

Con el fondant recién aplicado

With the freshly applied fondant

By the way, Fondant It is, in general confectionery, a paste similar to plastelina but edible. For the preparation of the fondant, gelatin, water, glucose, glycerin, butter, powdered sugar and essence or flavoring are used. In confectionery it is used to cover cakes and make decorations. The name fondant (which in French means: that melts) refers to the physical characteristic of the coating: that it melts in the mouth.

Now that you know almost everything about nuts and fondant buds, the last question remains: Where to find them? The answer is easy: you can buy our fondant nuts Y fondant buds craftsmen in our online store , or in our store on the c / Garrigues number 1 (46001 Valencia).

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