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Nuestras naranjas confitadas

Our candied oranges

The Candied orange They are not the first thing we think about this citrus fruit, since oranges on the table and fields full of orange blossom are symbols of the Spanish Mediterranean. But, unlike other seasons of the year, at Christmas we hope that our oranges will be candied and that their flavor will sweeten those special holidays even more.

For many years our choice to confit fruit has been our friends: the artisans of Colomina Fruits . They choose to preserve only those specimens of oranges that seem heavy for their size, with a smooth, firm, bright peel and an intense orange color, clean, without any type of blow. And always of domestic origin. Its artisan confit process involves several days of work that requires a lot of knowledge, precision and meticulousness. The result is an unsurpassed product in terms of quality.

Our Candied Oranges.

On Galiana Nougats we offer whole candied oranges Y to rooms , with its characteristic bright orange color, texture that melts in the mouth and the taste of yesteryear.

Campos llenos de flor de azahar

Fields full of orange blossom

By the way, Frutas Colomina candied oranges are the mandatory ingredient (in the Candied Fruit filling) of our artisan Fruit Nougat. They are used in other recipes, for example in the traditional Roscón de Reyes. Not only in Spain do we use candied fruit as a star ingredient in other elaborations, in Italy they become the key ingredient in some of the most famous sweets of its culinary tradition: among them, the Milanese panettone and the Cassata Siciliana .

You can buy our whole candied oranges and artisan quarters in our Online store , or in our store on the c / Garrigues number 1 (46001 Valencia) .

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