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Turrón de Jijona is considered Turrón par excellence. Even more so when it is of the highest quality, both in the ingredients and in the artisan manufacturing process, such as Galiana Nougat Jijona Nougat . We reveal a few secrets of our star product:

Jijona nougat: six relevant facts.

 Turrón de Jijona de Turrones Galiana

Galiana Nougat Jijona Nougat

1. Never keep nougat in the fridge.

The best way to preserve Jijona nougat is in a dry place, at room temperature and without dominant odors. What we should never do is open the refrigerator with a nougat in hand, ready to place it there, since the refrigerator would quickly dry out our nougat, losing its essential almond oil. The best way to preserve it is in its own container.

2. Don't be alarmed by the oil in the nougat.

Really, a Jijona nougat has to be somewhat oily. It is the healthy almond oil, an integral part of the nougat and essential for our nougat to maintain its freshness.

3. In Turrones Galiana we only use Marcona almonds.

A good Jijona nougat must have a pleasant taste and aroma of almonds and honey. But, not all almonds taste the same. In Turrones Galiana we only use the queen of all almonds, the marcona almond. We already dedicate an article to you: Marcona almond, the magical ingredient in Galiana Nougat .

Nuestro Turrón de Jijona abierto

Our open Jijona nougat

4. There are two types of Jijona Nougat: fine and granulated.

Granulated jijona nougat it really is a fine nougat with added pieces of toasted almonds. The two nougat of Jijona de Turrones Galiana take advantage of our special method of grinding the almond so fine that it is far superior to other nougat.

5. The name "Turrón de Jijona" is protected by the Jijona Regulatory Council.

Both the names "Turrón de Alicante" and "Turrón de Jijona" are exclusive to hard and soft nougat manufactured in the town of Jijona (Alicante). Their protection is in charge of the Regulatory Council .

6. Nougat of jijona is the basis of many recipes.

A good Jijona nougat, like that of Turrones Galiana, is the perfect base to unleash our culinary imagination and turn it into authentic wonders.

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