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El emblemático momento de tostar el turrón de yema recién hecho

The emblematic moment of toasting freshly made egg yolk nougat

The modest egg yolk at Christmas becomes the true queen of the holidays: Yolk Cakes , Fondant Yolks , Casca de Yema , yolk dumplings and of course Cadiz bread . But the most sought-after yolk product in the Galiana Nougat shop is he yolk nougat . In addition, we have them for all tastes:

- Natural Yolk Nougat

- Toasted Yolk Nougat

- Toasted Yolk Nougat with no added sugar .

Let's start by explaining some things about the yolk that may surprise you: the yolk is the part of an egg that is surrounded by egg white and suspended by a set of protein chains called chalaza. All of the vitamin A, D, and E in the egg are in the egg yolk. Eggs are one of the few foods that naturally contain vitamin D. Most of the fatty acids in the yolk are unsaturated.

Nuestro Turrón de Yema Natural

Our Natural Yolk Nougat

The most popular of the two and an essential ingredient of the Christmas table is the toasted egg yolk nougat. It originates from Catalan cuisine, where it was created from the need to take advantage of the leftover yolks when making hard and soft nougat. The idea was to base the elaboration on the traditional recipe of the Catalan cream . It is also called Burnt Yolk Nougat.

As you know by now, at Galiana Turrones we use only top quality raw material, in this case natural egg yolk and top quality sugar. Only in this way do we ensure that point of flavor to which we have accustomed our customers.

You can buy our yolk, toasted yolk and yolk nougats without added sugar artisans at our online store , or in our store in the c / Garrigues number 1 (46001 Valencia) .

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